Collection: FC Rx7 Parts 86-91

The second generation of the RX-7 ("FC", VIN begins JM1FC3 or JMZFC1), still known as the Mazda Savanna RX-7 in Japan, featured a complete restyling much like similar sports cars of the era such as the Nissan 300ZX. Mazda's development team chose to focus on the American market when designing the FC, where the majority of 1st-gen of the RX-7 models had been sold. The team drew inspiration from successful sports cars that were popular at the time, such as studying the suspension design of the Porsche 944.

Unique to this model of Rx7 is the fact that it was available as a convertible. While larger and more comfortable than the previous model, This RX7 was still a successful racer as well as an engaging car to drive. Especially when equipped with the factory Turbocharger 13B engine!

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