Scammer Archive

Scammer Archive

[Last Updated] 2/6/2023
*Comments are moderated before going live, but the best way to get names/sites added*
There are two lists currently both at the bottom of the page names are added by Kevin Ziebarth and other mods will gain access in time

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Hey Everyone,

This is a section to add known scammers. This is for instagram pages, fake facebook profiles, and general obvious scams / emails linked to scam pages. We are looking for stolen photos, the inability to take trusted forms of payment. I will also list a few people that are known to be safe that are overseas as we work with them via our page.

  • I will not be adding personal issues, quarrels, law-suits, or bad businesses. That is a different conversation and currently I am not going to be part of that.

Remember some of these pages simply change their name OFTEN.
Welcome comment below or Message me Privately on any of my social media pages linked at the bottom of my website.

Remember: To spot a scammer on when buying online, look for red flags such as requests for payment through an untraceable method such as [zelle, paypal friends and family 'due to locked up excuses', direct bank transfers], insistence on a quick sale without proper time for inspection [will not provide additional photos], and inconsistent or vague information about the product. Additionally, check for fake reviews, check the seller's profile for authenticity [mutual friends, age of account, photos that make sense for the account owner], and consider using a secure payment method like PayPal/Venmo goods and services to reduce the risk of fraud.

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